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Who Is Chadwick?
I began my career in the mid 1990's as a photojournalist. I worked for a few weekly newspapers, then a couple of dailies. To say I enjoyed the work would be an understatement. I learned a lot about photography for sure, but the bulk of my education at this time came from my constant interaction and fascination with people I met and their stories. It is here that I really learned to listen, a key ingredient in story telling.

As my skills sharpened my creativity really began to flourish. It was then that I began to feel the constraints of traditional newspaper photography. In 2000 I made the change to commercial work. It is here that I have discovered the measure of my creativity really can be limitless. Whatever we dream up, we really can create. I love that. When I make a portrait I am always thinking cover shot! Couple that with my roots in photojournalism and enthusiasm to tell a story with photographs and it is no surprise my career grew to wedding photography and the creation of Modern Wedding Scenes.

I think every wedding should include a bridal portrait that belongs on the cover of a magazine!

Why Modern Wedding Scenes?
Think about it: you have dreamt of this day since you were a little girl. Carrying any object that even partially resembled a bouquet of flowers, you used to play dress-up and pretend that it was you who was selecting and modeling the perfect dress. Now that your wedding day is really happening it is time to focus on the important details of your big day, including who you will trust to capture these once in a lifetime feelings and memories.At Modern Wedding Scenes we feel honored with every wedding we are chosen to capture. Understanding the importance and unique relevance of your wedding, we will tell your story with enchanting images that epitomize all of the details.Brides and Grooms alike will find us personable and positive; able to direct and to take direction, with the ability to blend-in and "disappear" when we need to. We will skillfully preserve the memories of your special day.
We work relentlessly to provide the extra touches that bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face. Our wedding photography packages always include at least two photographers to document your wedding day as it naturally unfolds. Taking the approach of photojournalists, we are there to capture the moments that come and go by quickly as well as arrange the posed portraits that families typically request.

Why Modern Wedding Scenes?
Because you can't trust forever to just anyone!